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See how SEO and PPC can help your business grow.

Avoid Changing URLs

Changing a URL is a lot like moving home; unless you tell everyone where you’ve moved they won’t be able to find you.

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How Google Ads Really Works

Learn why spending more in Google Ads won't always make you more money.

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Choosing a Good Domain Name

A good domain name can set you up for long-term success and even save you money!

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Our Winning SEO Process

Learn the SEO process we use to drive traffic and revenue growth for our clients.

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What to Expect from SEO

See what an SEO campaign can offer your small business.

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How PPC Can Assist Your Business

Learn how a targeted Google Ads campaign can help your small business grow.

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Practical, how to guides to optimise your website for search engines.

Google Analytics Custom Alerts

Get notified when traffic, conversions or transactions take a nosedive!

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Filter Spam Google Analytics Traffic

Use a hostname filter to remove the majority of spam traffic from your Google Analytics views.

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Optimise Your Images for Search

Get the most from your visual media by optimising them for search.

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Write a Winning Case Study

Use this formula to write compelling case studies.

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Using UTM Parameters for Google Analytics

Track your non-Google advertising campaigns effectively with UTM parameters.

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Get Your Logo in Mobile Search Results

Define a favicon for mobile search results for better brand recognition.

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Find Free Images for Your Content

A better way to find royalty-free images online.

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How to Write for Search

Create competition beating content and rise to the top of organic search results.

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Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Make the most of these critical SEO elements.

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GDPR for Websites

Learn what it takes to make your website GDPR compliant and the risks of non-compliance.

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Latest from the SEO and PPC trenches.

Google Ads Seller Ratings and Product Ratings

Find out what those star ratings in ads on Google are all about.

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Google Ads Attribution

Understand how conversion attribution works in Google Ads for a better return on your investment.

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What Is a Multiple User Intent Search

Find out about multi-intent searches.

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Google Ads Call Tracking Limitations

Google Ads forwarding numbers expire after 2 hours and could send calls to other businesses.

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Simple Phone Number Replacement Check for Google Ads

Make sure your website phone call conversion is working without clicking your ads.

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Detect Featured Snippets in Google Analytics

See if you have any featured snippets and how much traffic they generate.

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Debug Google Analytics with the Network Inspector

Go to the source to make sure your Google Analytics tracking is functioning correctly.

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See what we're working on internally.

SEO Migration Process

A comprehensive SEO migration process will help prevent unnecessary traffic loss when moving to a new domain or platform.

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Google Ads Audit Process

Our Google Ads audit process helps prioritise spend in the areas of greatest return to maximise account performance.

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Performance Summary Update

We're making changes to our monthly performance summary for greater clarity and consistency.

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Manage a Static Website on a Chromebook

Use Termux, Git and Bitbucket to manage your static website.

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The Best Cookie Consent Plugin

Metomic's autoblocking feature sets it apart from other cookie consent plugins.

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Squarespace Custom Order Confirmation Page

Implement a custom order confirmation page without messing up Google Analytics.

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Updating CSS with CS-Cart

Two simple steps to update CSS styles in CS-Cart.

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Eventbrite Embedded Checkout Custom Thank You Page

Improve the user journey and simplify tracking with a custom thank you page.

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On average, our clients see a +60% increase in traffic and +65% increase in revenue from search in the first 12 months.

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