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Generate a shareable reviews link for your Google My Business listing and increase your star rating.

Reviews Google My Business

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) allows you to create a listing for your business on Google Maps, which can also appear within "local packs" on regular search results.

Creating a Google My Business listing doesn't require a website and is most beneficial for businesses that operate in a specific geographic region.


To help promote your business within local search results it's beneficial to generate genuine reviews from your customers.

To make the process of asking your customers for reviews easier, you can generate a shareable link that can be sent via email. This avoids having to outline multiple steps for customers to leave a review and replaces it with a simple "we'd love to hear your feedback, please click here to leave a review" ⭐.

There are two ways to generate a Google My Business reviews link. They work slightly differently but neither one is better or worse than the other. Both will show a pop-up to leave a review like the one below.

Google My Business Leave a Review Pop-up

Note: Anyone leaving a review must be logged in with their Google account.

Reviews Link (Map)

The map link will take you to your Google My Business listing on Google Maps and show a pop-up to leave a review. The link will be in the format:

Google My Business Get More Reviews Card

To access the map link:

  1. Login to your Google My Business listing.

  2. From the Home tab, scroll down until you see a card titled Get more reviews.

  3. Click Share review form.

  4. Click the link to copy and you're done! There are also options to share via social media or email.

Google My Business Shareable Reviews Link

Reviews Link (Search Results)

The search results link operates in the same way but overlays the pop-up to leave a review on top of your business listing in organic search results, rather than Google Maps. The link will be in the format:

The one benefit of this method is that it allows links to be created for any business with a Google My Business listing i.e. without the need to login to a Google account. Note: this does not affect the person leaving a review, who will still need to be logged in to their Google account.

Google Places ID Finder

  1. Visit the Google Places ID Finder.

  2. Search for your business name and location.

  3. From the map pin that appears, copy the Place ID.

  4. Paste the Place ID at the end of the following URL (after the = sign):

  5. You're done! You can now share this link via email or social media to start generating more reviews for your business.

Here's the link for IKEA Stockholm as an example:

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