Test Google Ads Website Phone Number Replacement

Use this quick trick to test Google Ads phone call conversions on your website without clicking your own ads.

PPC Google Ads Conversions

When creating a new conversion to track phone calls from a website via Google Ads it’s possible to check the phone number replacement works without having to click an ad. Simply go to the relevant page on the website and append either of the following two fragments to the URL and then press enter to reload the page:

  • #google-wcc-force

  • #google-wcc-debug

A pop-up will appear in the bottom left corner with a button to Force the number replacement. This will replace all matching numbers on the page with 9999 999999 to show whether the number replacement is working or not.

Note: Phone number tracking only works for one phone number per Google Ads account. There must also be an active call ad extension with the same phone number.

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