Google Analytics Custom Alerts

Use custom alerts to get notified when a sudden drop in website traffic, conversions and/or transactions occurs.

Google Analytics Custom Alerts

Custom alerts provide a flexible way to get notified when a potential tracking or website issue arises.

Create Custom Alerts in Google Analytics

It's worth noting that custom alerts are only visible to the user who created them.

To create a new custom alert navigate to Admin > Custom Alerts in Google Analytics under the View column.

And click the red + New Alert button. From here it's as simple as configuring the alert to how you want it and clicking save.

Below are a number of custom alerts that can be adapted to your needs.

No Data

This alert is triggered if traffic levels to the website drop significantly for a day or more. Typically having no visitors or a steep decline in visitors is an indicator that the website has a technical fault or there is a problem with the tracking code that should be investigated immediately.

Decrease in Conversion Rate

This alert runs weekly and is triggered when the conversion rate decreases by more than 50%. A decreasing conversion rate can be a sign that visitors are less engaged with the website and may be cause to review any recent website changes or react to changing user behaviours.

Decrease in Transactions

This alert is triggered when transactions decrease by more than 50% when compared to the previous week. A steep decline in transactions could be caused by availability issues or increased competition (as well as many other things) that could warrant further investigation.

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