White Label SEO Reporting Dashboard

Instructions to seamlessly integrate the Tilious SEO reporting dashboard with your own domain.

Reporting White Label

White Label Reporting Dashboard Setup

All clients are given a custom shareable link to the Tilious reporting dashboard. The dashboard is updated daily to provide up-to-date reporting on performance, activity and upcoming actions (via the roadmap).

We can update the dashboard to feature your company logo and primary brand colour. We can also configure the dashboard to be served from a custom domain or subdomain of your choosing, for a full white label experience.


To display the Tilious reporting dashboard on your own subdomain you'll need to add a CNAME record to your DNS entries.

DNS entries are typically managed by your domain registrar, such as GoDaddy or Namecheap, but can also be managed by a third-party service, such as Cloudflare.

Note, you should choose a subdomain that is not currently in use e.g. seo.yourdomain.com

The following example shows a CNAME record added to yourdomain.com for the seo subdomain. Adding this record is all that's required (on your end) to host the Tilious reporting dashboard on your own subdomain.

  • Type: CNAME

  • Name: seo

  • Target or Value: tilious-reporting.netlify.app

Once you've added the CNAME record let us know so we can complete the setup on our end.

Error Message

If you try and access the reporting dashboard straight away via your custom subdomain, e.g. seo.yourdomain.com, you'll see something that looks like this.

This is fine and actually shows that your subdomain has been correctly pointed to the reporting dashboard. There are just a few more steps we need to take on our end to make sure everything is joined together.

Once we've finalised the setup we'll send you a custom link that will allow you to access the reporting dashboard on your own subdomain.

Accessing The Reporting Dashboard

Access to the reporting dashboard is controlled via a custom link containing a personalised access token for security e.g. seo.yourdomain.com?accessToken=CLI1e09bb193adc9d6f0bc07ba8322a

To share access with others, simply click the Share button at the top of any page where you'll see a button to copy the link. This link will provide access to all areas of the reporting dashboard.

On average, our clients see a +60% increase in traffic and +65% increase in revenue from search in the first 12 months.

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