Culture at Tilious

This is an internal document we're making public to give those curious enough some insight into how we operate and what we believe.

This is the operating system for our team. It lays out what we believe, why we believe it, how we live it, and how we measure it. Every member of Tilious is expected to know this and will be held accountable to the standards of behaviour outlined here.

Our Mission (What Are We Doing?)

Our mission is to assist the long-term growth of ambitious independent businesses via search engine optimisation (SEO).

Our Goal (How Are We Doing It?)

Our goal is to level the playing field by bringing enterprise-level search engine marketing to independent businesses. We achieve this by finding efficiencies and innovations in the delivery of our search engine marketing services. That is to say, our innovation is the process not necessarily the product.

Our Purpose (Why We Are Doing It?)

Indepenedent businesses suffer from a lack of guidance, trust and implementation in the unregulated search engine marketing sector.

We support businesses that represent value, quality and integrity for their customers to compete in a world of big business and big budgets. We help good people with good businesses reach a wider, relevant, audience.

Our Values (What Matters Most to Us?)

We means you, means us. These are the specific behaviours and skills we care about most. The more this sounds like you, and the people you’d like to work with, the more likely you will thrive at Tilious.

Relationships and Integrity

  • We always do what’s best for our client's business.

  • We care about our colleagues, employees, contractors, clients.

  • We challenge each other to be their best.

  • We admit mistakes freely and openly.

  • We provide candid, timely feedback to colleagues.

  • We accept feedback as an opportunity to improve.

We put the needs of the client's business first even before our own business needs. For example, we do not sell clients or prospective clients services they do not need even if they have asked for them.

We challenge clients if we believe they are making a decision that will negatively affect their search engine marketing outcomes. This invariably means delivering the best level of service possible.


“There are only two people who will tell you the truth about yourself — an enemy who hates you, and a friend who loves you dearly.”


  • We are concise and articulate in speech and writing.

  • We listen and seek to understand before reacting.

  • We adapt our communication style for our audience, eliminating language that may be perceived as jargon.

  • We err on the side of over-communication and do not let anything go unsaid or misunderstood.

  • We respond to client communications on the same day they are received at the very latest.

As a virtual service provider, communication is our product. Written documentation, emails, phone calls and face-to-face communication are our only deliverables. We recognise excellent communication must, therefore, be a fundamental and mandatory trait for anyone working for or with Tilious.

We respond quickly and efficiently to client communications, responding with an “I’ll provide you with a more detailed answer tomorrow” where time is an issue.


  • We make decisions based on the long term, not short term.

  • We make wise decisions by separating the “what” from the “how”.

We focus on core business objectives for our clients and ourselves in order to drive long term business results, avoiding short term punts and gimmicks along the way.

Our decisions are based on logic and always aligned with our values. We remove emotion from the equation by focusing on what needs to happen, only later considering how it will happen. This allows us to make the right decisions, the tough decisions, that maintain our momentum.


  • We learn rapidly and eagerly.

  • We make connections that others miss.

  • We continually question why we do things in order to improve and innovate.

  • We have a hunger and desire to understand the technical world in which we work.

  • We expect and anticipate change.

We question the assumptions most people don’t even know they are making and go back to the beginning, to the original source, to ask why.

Genchi Genbutsu:

“Go to the real place and see for yourself.”

We continually improve our knowledge in order to be able to further question our assumptions and provide the best possible value for clients.

Freedom and Responsibility

  • We take responsibility and accountability for all work we provide.

  • We do what we say we’ll do and when we say we’ll do it.

We take full responsibility and accountability for our work and the outcome of said work. Although we are careful not to accept responsibility for factors outside of our control, such as market conditions.

We strive to work in a company where everyone feels a sense of responsibility to do the right thing to help the company at every juncture. This means taking care of problems, big and small, as you see them, and never thinking “that’s not my job.”

We are deadline obsessed and we fulfil our stated promises, on time, every time. If we commit to a deadline, we absolutely meet that deadline (or, if legitimate delays intrude, we advise clients and coworkers ASAP that the deadline must be moved).

Results and Impact

  • We employ people who have an innate desire to perform at 100%.

  • We default to taking action.

  • We work quickly and efficiently.

  • We identify and anticipate issues as early as possible.

  • We are goal-oriented.

We employ people who have an innate desire to perform at 100%. We reward them accordingly. The natural outcome is we serve our clients in the best way possible.

We default to taking action. We look for ways to get the job done to the satisfaction of the client and business, always looking for solutions ahead of excuses in order to achieve completion.

Our mantra:

"Nothing but action."

We work quickly and efficiently, taking note of factors and tasks that impede our ability to get work done in the shortest amount of time. We ensure any issues affecting our ability to get work done in the most effective and timely manner are detailed as feedback and used to update our procedures immediately.

We ruthlessly prioritise actions for the most impact. Sequence and priority are critical. We work on the most important tasks first. We spend maximum time on “non-urgent/important” tasks.

We avoid multitasking activities. We give full attention to the task at hand. We do not try to reinvent the wheel. If someone else has done the work we reference it or directly copy it depending on the situation. We do not try to reword it simply for the sake of making it our “own”.

Always be reviewing. We’re quick to identify when projects are off-course or expectations misaligned and take immediate action to remedy the situation in the most amenable way possible.

We set an objective to guide every piece of work, which is in keeping with the goals of the client and their customers.


  • We pay close attention to the details.

We understand the quality of our work is the result of our ability to pay close attention to the finer details of what we do. We only send work to clients that highlight the best version of ourselves.

We will not be rushed into delivering sub-par work by setting unrealistic deadlines, instead, we use our communication skills to set more realistic expectations.


  • We understand “failure” as learning what doesn’t work and actively encourage experimentation.

  • We ensure any mistakes/errors become a positive learning experience and have a direct impact in producing a better output.

  • We minimise risk of the unknown by performing small chunks of work or prototyping new projects.

  • We are humble. This drives us to test, explore and discover.

We understand mistakes are part of progress and we do not view any attempts to take the business forward in a negative light, whether successful or not.

We update our procedures immediately whenever a mistake or error is identified to ensure others can learn from our understanding of what doesn’t work.

Saying No

  • We only do what we can do exceptionally.

  • We never offer discounts.

We recognise things we can’t do and find suitable referral sources where possible.

We focus on the outcome, not the task, and seek to eliminate the unnecessary. Think simplicity, is there an easier way to reach the same outcome? Many times, the elimination of a step, system, procedure or project is a very good thing.

We recognise the value of our work and do not offer discounts under any circumstances.


Our brand is built upon an exceptional quality of work, results and a desire to always do what’s best for our clients.

Our core strategy is based upon meticulously defining the processes which constitute our “product” to continually eke out further efficiencies and product improvements. Our procedures are designed to facilitate a working environment where employees can work confidently and unassisted.

We unequivocally seek to maintain the highest possible levels of client retention through a focus on communication, building trust and strict adherence to deadlines.

We lead with value, providing preliminary expert advice and insights at no cost. However, we equally respect the value our service can offer and do not offer discounts under any circumstances.

Tilious’ primary offering is an end-to-end search engine optimisation solution with a focus on strategy and implementation designed to give independent businesses the best possible opportunity to increase profits and exceed targets online.

Through a deep understanding of our client’s audience and a culture of accountability, we provide the best possible environment for our clients to succeed.

Nurturing and professional development opportunities help us to attract and keep the best personnel, we maintain a relaxed culture where people assume others are doing a brilliant job. The consequence of a trusting, open environment is employees who drive themselves forward to achieve goals in the best interests of clients and form a personal understanding of the client and their business ambitions.

Our business is complex and ever-evolving, reliant on continual innovation and relentless attention to detail to stay ahead of the competition. Success depends on an understanding of the core principles underpinning the systems in which we work, a never-ending desire to understand the landscape in which our clients operate, dedicated personnel, investment in expertise, considered knowledge sharing and investment in documentation.

Competitive advantages include near-flawless execution of marketing campaigns, ruthless attention to detail, never-ending product enhancements, bespoke products designed around the unique needs of our client base, a desire to produce coverage which targets the audience exactly where they are and in the best possible manner, technical expertise, thoughtful client communication and a belief in others.

We constantly question our assumptions in order to continually look for improvements and efficiencies to the way in which we work. We constantly refine and improve all internal systems.

Growth is primarily a result of knowledge sharing of the highest quality, leading-edge methodologies and a ruthless desire to seek more authentic marketing solutions, pinpointing the audience and their needs to bring together customer and client mutual benefit.

All members of staff are actively encouraged to feedback into the system and documentation will be modified immediately if an improvement can be made. Keeping the business agile and competitive.

On average, our clients see a +60% increase in traffic and +65% increase in revenue from search in the first 12 months.

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