Metomic (now Confirmic): The Best Cookie Consent Plugin

If you want a cookie consent plugin that actually works there's only one option!

Metomic Cookie Consent Legal

UPDATE: 11th January 2021, Metomic is closing down its cookie widget, which will stop working on Monday 1st March 2021. We'll let you know when we find the next best cookie consent plugin!

UPDATE: 28th April 2021, The cookie widget has been saved! Thanks to a man named Stef the Metomic Cookie Widget has relaunched as Confirmic. All of the amazing features mentioned below have remained with more in the pipeline. It's great to hear the cookie widget will live on, there really isn't anything better 👍

Why You Need a Cookie Consent Plugin

In the EU, it's the law! You must provide visitors to your website with the right to refuse the use of cookies that reduce their online privacy.

Why Metomic (now Confirmic)

Hands down, Confirmic is the best cookie consent plugin we've come across. The key features that set it apart are:

  • Simple Install: Two lines of JavaScript and you're done.

  • Autoblocking: The killer feature! If you've ever played around with cookie consent plugins before you'll know half of them don't actually do anything (even if they look like they do). Confirmic has an incredible autoblocking feature that prevents scripts from being triggered, based on a user's selection, without you having to do anything. It even works for tracking contained in Google Tag Manager!

  • Google Tag Manager Integration: Additionally, Confirmic also fires a custom event for Google Tag Manager, which makes it super simple to respect user cookie preferences for tracking that can't be automatically blocked.

  • Micropolicies: Third-party tracking can be grouped into micropolicies for simple unambiguous user consent.

  • Looks Great! Enough said.

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