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When you need a quick return on your investment PPC can deliver. See how we've helped small businesses like yours increase revenue and profits with Google Ads.

Collect Your Old Bed

From 0 to 21,359 visits and 770 sales in 12 months.

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Event Academy

+129% additional leads generated via Google Ads in the first 12 months.

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Sussex Eco Solutions

Double the clicks and leads from Google Ads in the first 12 months.

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How We Make Google Ads Work for You

Our revenue-focused approach makes sure your get the best return on your advertising spend.

1. Tracking & Quick Wins

Native Conversion Tracking, new Website Actions and Landing Page Updates provide a platform for growth.

2. Research & Strategy

Keyword Research informs an updated Account Structure and tailored Ad Variations.

3. Testing & Optimisation

Budgets, Bid Adjustments, Keywords, Ad Tests and Remarketing Lists fine-tuned for increased returns.

4. Analysis & Improvement

Monthly Reporting, Activity Updates and Priority Actions provide feedback for continuous improvement.

  • Tracking & Quick Wins
  • Research & Strategy
  • Testing & Optimisation
  • Analysis & Improvement
  • Google Ads Interface

    Tracking & Quick Wins


    Accurate conversion tracking ensures key visitor actions resulting from paid search are accurately recorded. We audit your existing conversion actions and implement new actions, such as phone number tracking, using native Google Ads conversion tags. Tracking is implemented using a combination of Google Ads and Google Tag Manager. Using native Google Ads conversion tracking, as opposed to imported Google Analytics goals, provides attribution beyond the last click.

    Quick Wins

    Any quick wins, such as new conversion actions on the website or landing page updates, will also be implemented at this time.

  • Research & Strategy

    Research & Strategy


    Unlike other marketing channels, search is a reactive medium i.e. demand and interest must already exist in order for a search to be triggered. Understanding not only what people search for but, more importantly, what they expect to find helps to unlock the full potential of Google Ads.


    Our granular account structure ensures a highly relevant keyword to ad match. The result is higher click-through rates (CTR), lower cost-per-click (CPC) and improved Quality Scores. All of which combine to maximise the return on your Google Ads advertising budget.

  • Optimisation & Monitoring

    Testing & Optimisation

    PPC Management

    The following elements are continually tested and optimised based on comprehensive data analysis:

    • Qualified Traffic Improvement
    • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) Maintenance
    • Ad Copy Winners/Losers
    • Device, Schedule and Location Bid Optimisation
    • Negative Keyword Additions
    • Targeted Ad Group Creation
    • Shared Campaign Budgets
    • Bidding Strategy Review and Management
    • Keyword Expansion
    • Keyword Match Type Refinement
    • Dynamic Search Ad (DSA) Creation
    • Shopping Feed Management
    • Ad Extension Enhancement
    • Audience Optimisation
    • Remarketing List Utilisation
    • Search Partner Refinement
    • Quality Score Improvements

  • Tilious Reporting Dashboard

    Analysis & Improvement

    Continual Review

    We continually review campaign strategy and activity to ensure business goals are being met. Our online reporting platform provides you with access to the following benefits.

    Performance Dashboard

    Real-time reporting of key business KPIs.

    Activity Updates

    See exactly what work is being carried out throughout the month.

    Priority Actions

    See what’s happening next. A prioritised list of actions makes sure the most impactful actions get implemented first. Any new actions are assessed for impact vs. effort and prioritised accordingly.

    Performance Summary

    Each month we’ll provide a review of the impact of our work, what worked, what didn’t and what’s happening next.


We focus on three metrics: clicks, conversions and revenue to achieve the following goals.

  1. 1

    Increase Paid Search Traffic

    Highly relevant ad copy, granular bid adjustments and informed keyword selection will drive more of the right type of visitors to your website via Google Ads.

  2. 2

    Qualify Website Visitors

    Intermediary or micro conversions help to judge the quality of traffic coming to your website, identify drop-off points and predict future revenue.

  3. 3

    Increase Revenue

    Getting more of the right visitors to your website will ultimately drive additional revenue. We use cost-per-conversion and return on ad spend (ROAS) metrics to make sure profitability is maintained as you grow.

  • “Tilious are an excellent AdWord agency. They are numbers driven as you would expect and always ensure they are working towards our goals. There are not many agencies I would recommend, but I most definitely recommend Tilious.”
    Kirien Sangha
    Kirien Sangha
    Senior Marketing Manager - Fire Tech
  • “We have been using these guys for 2 years now. Very easy to work with and it has certainly done the job. We as a company have achieved more than I would have expected too.”
    Thomas Twine
    Thomas Twine
    Technical Director - Sunstore Solar
  • “This company has been fantastic for us. They have maximized our profit by running a really tight and professional outfit.”
    Peter Line
    Peter Line
    Director - Ride + Glide

Fixed Monthly Retainer

Fixed monthly pricing allows you to budget effectively.

We'll agree and stick to a monthly advertising budget and let you know when it's a good time to spend a bit more or a bit less. Please note, advertising costs are paid directly to Google and are not included in our fee.

Our fully managed PPC service for Google Ads means you can focus on other areas of your business while we focus on revenue growth.

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  • Fixed Transparent Pricing
  • Flexible Monthly Ad Budget
  • ROI Focus

4 Reason to Work with Tilious

We use Data and Expertise to drive Results for your small business. It's why our clients Rate us.

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Industry Leading Data & Tools

Investment in Data

Not only do we build our own tools to gain unique insights into your marketplace and competitors, we also invest in the best commercial PPC software platforms worth £600 per month.

Custom Analysis

It’s this combination of big data and custom analysis that allows us to identify opportunities and develop winning strategies.

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Your PPC questions answered.

  • What is PPC?

    Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a way to jump to the top of search results overnight by placing ads with a search engine such as Google. Unlike SEO, you pay for each click your ad generates. The cost is determined based on a real-time auction with a number of variables including competing advertisers.

  • How can PPC assist my business?

    Pay per click advertising is the fastest way to jump to the top of search results. As long as the focus remains on generating a positive return on investment, it's an effective and sustainable way to grow your small business online. Learn more in our guide on How PPC Can Assist Your Business.

  • What we expect from you!

    Our goal is for you to consider us as part of your team. This means keeping us aware of what's going on in the business so we can adapt advertising to best meet your objectives. It also means being open to feedback, we're candid with our communication and if we think something is a bad idea (for Google Ads) we'll let you know.

On average, our clients see a +60% increase in traffic and +65% increase in revenue from search in the first 12 months.

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