+98% More Clicks and +123% More Leads from Google Ads in the First 12 Months

Sussex Eco Solutions

Sussex Eco Solutions specialise in the installation of wood burning stoves and gas fireplaces throughout Sussex. Tilious took over PPC advertising with the goal of driving a higher quality of leads to the business.

Clicks up +98%
year on year

Leads up +123%
year on year


During the initial research process, it was quickly identified that existing advertising wasn't fully coherent with the main business objectives. Sussex Eco Solutions provide an exceptional installation service, which is very well reviewed. However, messaging within ads focused on product features and financing options.

The goal was to completely turn the messaging around to focus on the installation service, where the company had the most chance of converting leads into sales.

Services Provided

Actions and Solutions

After talking with Sussex Eco Solutions in great depth about their business model, it was clear trying to sell stoves and fireplaces directly was going to result in a race to the bottom. Instead, positioning the company exclusively as a "supply and install" service allowed a higher value, higher margin audience to be targeted.

The following tactics were key drivers of PPC growth for Sussex Eco Solutions:

  • Ad Messaging: Existing ad copy primarily focused on "0% Interest Free Credit" and made no mention of the installation service. This messaging was at odds with the type of customer Sussex Eco Solutions wanted to attract and failed to promote the highest margin service offering; installation. To address this Tilious reworked ad messaging to focus on quality, convenience and locality as opposed to pricing. This approach was key to attracting the right type of enquiries to the business.

  • Landing Pages: With the ad copy repositioned it was crucial the website was able to reinforce the new messaging on the website. The installation service was very well reviewed in Google but none of these reviews featured on the website. Updating landing pages to better reflect the quality of the service provided a much better connection between the ads and the website, encouraging prospective customers to get in touch.

  • Lead Generation: Prior to our involvement the only way to get in touch, short of visiting the showroom, was via phone or a contact form. Based on competitor analysis, it was clear offering a direct way to request a quote would help to encourage engagement. For leads situated further from the showroom, the addition of an Installation Quote Request form proved successful at attracting high quality enquiries.


In the first 12 months working with Tilious, Sussex Eco Solutions saw clicks almost double to 11,505. Crucially, for such a seasonal business, it was key to flex the annual advertising budget to spend more at times of higher demand and scale back when demand declined.

By focusing on a more targeted and relevant audience, leads accelerated at an even greater rate and rose +123% over the first 12 months.

On average, our clients see a +60% increase in traffic and +65% increase in revenue from search in the first 12 months.

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