Zero to 21,359 Visits and 770 Sales from Search in the First 12 Months

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Collect Your Old Bed are one of the few companies in the UK that fully recycle old beds and mattresses. Tilious were approached prior to the launch of the website with sole responsibility for driving traffic and sales to the business.

Traffic, 0 to 21,359
first 12 months

Sales, 0 to 770
first 12 months


Collect Your Old Bed was established as a side project for a furniture delivery company as a way to better utilise spare vehicle delivery space. The key was to validate and capitalise on the market opportunity in the most cost-effective way possible.

Starting from scratch, with no existing brand equity or market presence, the main challenge was to gain a foothold in the sector and scale.

Services Provided

Actions and Solutions

The primary strategy was to highlight the recycling aspect of the Collect Your Old Bed service in order to align the new brand with authoritative environmental publications. This provided a notable point of differentiation when compared to other mattress disposal services and positioned the business as a viable alternative to local council bulky waste collections.

The following tactics were key drivers of SEO and PPC growth for Collect Your Old Bed:

  • Geographic Targeting: Google Ads was used during the initial growth phase to provide an immediate traffic boost. This allowed pricing and messaging to quickly by optimised to maximise returns. Identifying local councils with comparatively high bulky waste collection fees ensured the advertising budget was focused in regions where Collect Your Old Bed was most competitive.

Bulky Waste Collection Map

  • Accurate Sales Tracking: In order to know how each digital marketing channel was performing it was important to set up accurate sales tracking via Google Analytics. This custom configuration was implemented by Tilious prior to the launch of the website to ensure traffic and sales were being properly recorded from day one.

  • High-Quality Backlinks: For any new website it's crucial to build domain authority by connecting with relevant industry publications. The most effective backlinks are those with a high degree of topical relevance. Tilious were quick to identify environmental publications as key targets to accelerate SEO growth.

Environment Times


In 12 months working with Collect Your Old Bed, Tilious took the new website from nothing to 21,359 visits from organic and paid search (split 12,846 and 8,513 visits respectively).

Sales totalled 770 in the first year, 465 from organic search and 305 from paid search. From no sales in month 1, Collect Your Old Bed saw 153 sales in month 12. Crucially, sustained growth over the first 12 months provided Collect Your Old Bed with traction in the sector and a platform for future growth.

On average, our clients see a +60% increase in traffic and +65% increase in revenue from search in the first 12 months.

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