+70% More Visits, +68% More Consultations and +14 New Clinics in the First 12 Months with SEO

Hair and Skin Clinic

Hair and Skin Clinic, based in Australia, specialises in non-surgical hair loss and skin treatments. Tilious was contracted to help take the practice to the next level by maximising the brand's organic search footprint.

Traffic up +70%
year on year

Consultations up +68%
year on year

Note: this work was delivered as part of a white-label agreement and as such a company pseudonym has been used for this case study to protect the client's anonymity. All other details remain unaltered.


Initially based in Melbourne, Hair and Skin Clinic was keen to expand nationwide across Australia. However, as the first new clinic locations were opened a negative impact on the organic search visibility of the original Melbourne location was observed.

Hair and Skin Clinic also wanted to become known as the leading provider of a particular non-surgical hair loss and skin treatment that the practice specialised in.

Services Provided

Actions and Solutions

The key aim for the SEO strategy was to pivot to a multi-location site structure to allow each clinic location to directly target a range of treatments via local search terms. Eliminating internal duplication and expanding the number of treatment landing pages ultimately allow each clinic location to rank independently within organic search results.

The following tactics were key drivers of SEO growth for Hair and Skin Clinic:

  • Rich Results: Based on an initial competitor review it was clear the Hair and Skin Clinic website had strong user signals in terms of positive reviews and answers to common questions. However, this only became apparent once searchers had clicked through to the website. To encourage more searchers to click on the Hair and Skin Clinic search results listing in the first place, a number of enhancements were made to bring these credibility factors directly into the search engine results page (SERP). In particular, the use of structured data to display star ratings and FAQs directly in Google search results contributed to a positive uplift in organic search traffic for some of the most valuable location-specific keywords.

Hair and Skin Clinic Rich Result

  • Internal Duplication: Following a technical SEO review at the start of the project, it became clear that internal duplication between existing clinic pages was one of the major causes of the loss of visibility for the original Melbourne clinic location. Rewriting content across local clinic pages was the highest priority action during the early part of the SEO campaign for Hair and Skin Clinic. This activity resulted in an uplift in traffic to all clinic locations that were previously being suppressed in organic search results due to internal duplication.

Siteliner Duplicate Content

  • Additional Treatment Pages: Following extensive keyword research it was identified that there was a wide range of keyword variations searchers associated with the treatments on offer. Although Hair and Skin Clinic had achieved good visibility in the areas already targeted on the website, there were clear content gaps for highly commercial treatment searches that were yet to be addressed. When building a long-term SEO content plan it's critical to start with the areas that have the potential for the largest revenue gains, which are not necessarily the areas with the largest search volume. By developing a much wider range of treatment-specific landing pages to better meet searcher terminology, Hair and Skin Clinic saw its organic search footprint (the number of unique keywords the website ranks for in the top 10) more than quadruple.

Ahrefs Top 10 Organic Keywords


Hair and Skin Clinic Visits Graph

In our first 12 months working with Hair and Skin Clinic organic search traffic to the website increased +70%, equating to an additional +37,219 targeted website visitors.

Hair and Skin Clinic Conversions Graph

A similar-sized increase of +68% in consultation bookings over the same time period indicates these additional visitors were highly relevant and commercially valuable to the practice.

Ultimately, this sustained growth allowed Hair and Skin Clinic to continue expanding its locations, scaling from 5 to 19 clinics in just 12 months.

On average, our clients see a +60% increase in traffic and +65% increase in revenue from search in the first 12 months.

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